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Finding yourself bored at home on Thursday nights?? Why not make Thursday nights "Chabad Nights?!"

The fun starts every Thursday at 7:00 with Kosher Cooking Club and our popular Challah Baking group! Help prepare the foods and Challah that have made Chabad's Shabbat Dinners so popular! 

The best part about it?? You get to taste the food and be a part of something fun!

Not the cooking type? Much rather kick back with a cold beer? Come on over, on Thursday night, Chabad is the place! KCC loves company! You can update social media on the happenings at Chabad or just socialize and meet new friends.

And - if the kitchen crew is in a good mood - YOU get to taste the fresh made Shabbat foods! 

Grab a beer, chill with the crew, study or just hang out with your friends - Whatever it is - Do it at Chabad!

RSVP not required, but why not let us know you'll be there? Just click HERE