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Festival of Lights - Chabad Style! 
November 27 - December 3

When Chanukah comes around at McGill, students are generally smack in the middle of Exams or just getting ready for exams. Chabad aims to make celebrating the Holiday that much easier so studyand celebrating is possible!

Chanukah Party: Every year, Chabad hosts at least one Chanukah party thrughout the eight day Holiday. Chanukah music, Chanukah foods and Chanukah spirit are all on hand at the party. We look forward to hosting you at this years party! 

Keep the date open, Wednesday evening, November 27, 2013

MENORAHS FOR STUDENTS: Chabad is proud to have Menorahs available for students in the downtown Montreal area. Any donation you can give is appreciated, but not required. To recieve a Menorah, contact Chabad at 514-845-4443 or [email protected].